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Welcome to ALADS

ALADS is the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs. It was formed in February, 1970, by ten Deputies who joined together to collectively resolve a dispute. In 1976, ALADS was certified as the majority representative for Bargaining Unit 0611, comprised of non-supervisory peace officer employees of the County. Our Memorandums of Understanding have historically resulted in the best wages, benefits and working conditions negotiated for any County employee group.

Update Your Information

ALADS offers our registered full service members the ability to update their profile information online. By updating your information, you will receive the printed copy of the Dispatcher at the correct address and you will be automatically entered to win a $50 gift card.

Manage your profile

Quick Access


Full Member Privileges

Full members enjoy many privileges ranging from voting in Board election to civil and criminal matters representation.

Reserve Member Privileges

Membership in ALADS has now been expanded to include the ranks of the reserve deputy sheriff.

Retired Member Privileges

Although the days of IAB's and civil suits are behind you, ALADS can still offer valuable privileges to our retired members.

Fee Payer Privileges

Members of Unit 611 that have not signed a membership application to join ALADS are eligible for a few privileges.

The Dispatcher

May 2017
April 2017

Upcoming Events

  • Memorial Day

    ALADS Facility Closed

  • Benefits Fair

    Where: Century Regional Detention Facility

    Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

    Lunch Provided

  • Board Meeting

    ALADS Board of Directors Meeting

    Location: ALADS Facility


The ALADS C.A.R.E.S. (Cops and Relatives Emergency Support) Foundation is all about taking care of emergent situations.

Links & Partners

The ALADS website restricts its hyperlinks to other sites, including only selected sites and partners for your convenience.


The Committee was established by ALADS members in 1999 to engage member participation in the ALADS endorsement process.

Career Opportunities

The Association and Law Enforcement employment opportunities are updated regularly.

Fallen Deputies